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Journal of the Hong Kong Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society
Vol. 50 (2010)
1 page
The Royal Asiatic Society Hong Kong Branch
1 page
Title page
1 page
Copyright page
1 page
4 pages
2 pages
Golden jubilee address
Lord Wilson Of Tillyorn
7 pages
Golden Jubilee articles
The present role of the Royal Asiatic Society in Hong Kong
Robert Nield
3 pages
The fiftieth anniversary of the Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society Hong Kong Branch, 1961-2010
Dan Waters
29 pages
The Canton system: conflict and accommodation in the contact zone
John M. Carroll
16 pages
Smuggling networks of the Pearl River Delta before 1842: implications for Macau and the American China trade
Paul A. Van Dyke
31 pages
Howqua and the Howqua: how a Chinese monolist saved American free-traders from financial ruin
Alain Le Pichon
23 pages
Treaty ports and other foreign stations in China
Robert Nield
17 pages
Hong Kong during the Sino-French War (1884-85): impressions of a French Naval Officer
David Wilmshurst
23 pages
Manuscript documents in the life and culture of Hong Kong villages in late imperial China
James W. Hayes
80 pages
Coastal shipping in East Asia in the late nineteenth century
Bert Backer
58 pages
Abandoning the outpost: rejection of the Hong Kong purchase scheme of 1938-39
Franco David Macri
14 pages
The Hong Kong Dockyard Defence Corps, 1939-41
Tony Banham
26 pages
The South China Daily News and Wang Jingwei's peace movement, 1939-41
Lawerence M. W. Chiu
28 pages
Biographical note
Sir Sydney Caine: Hong Kong's First Financial Secretary
Norman Miners
7 pages
Notes and queries
Further note on 'Foreign death in China'
Mark MacAlpine
1 page
Book reviews
Light and shade: sketches from an uncommon life, by Solomon M. Bard (2009)
Reviewed By Ron Hill
3 pages
Resist to the end: Hong Kong 1941-1945, by Charles Barman (ed. By Ray Barman, 2009)
Reviewed By Bernice Archer
3 pages
History of photography in China, 1842-1860, by Terry Bennett (2009)
Reviewed By Valery Garrett
3 pages
Public success, Private sorrow: the life of Charles Henry Brewitt-Taylor (1857-1938), China customs commissioner and pioneer translator, by Isidore Cyril Cannon (2009)
Reviewed By Catherine Ladds
2 pages
East river column: the Hong Kong guerillas in the second World War and after, by Chan Sui-jeung (2009)
Reviewed By Sue Ebury
3 pages
British naturalists in Qing China: science, empire and cultural encounter, by Fa-ti Fan (2009)
Reviewed By Frances Wood
2 pages
Diamond Hill: Memories of growing up in a Hong Kong squatter village, by Feng Chi-sun (2009)
Reviewed By Alan Smart
2 pages
So great a profit: how the East indies trade transformed Anglo-American capitalism, by James R. Fichter (2010)
Reviewed By Alain Le Pichon
5 pages
Protestants in nineteenth-century Macau: an anthology, by Betty Jean Lofland & Michael Nai-Chiu Poon (2009)
Reviewed By Richard Garrett
3 pages
Rivalry in Canton: the control of Russell and Co, 1838-1840 and the Founding of Augustine Heard & Co, by Tim Sturgis (2006)
Reviewed By Frederick D. Grant Jr.
3 pages
Changing places: the remarkable history of the Hong Kong shipowners, by Stephanie Zarach (2007)
Reviewed By Stephen Davies
2 pages
Books of interest to members
Colin Day
Colin Michael Guilford
By Peter Stuckey
2 pages
Ron Clibborn-Dyer
By Peter Stuckey
2 pages
Richard Hownam-Meek
By Anthony Hownam-Meek
3 pages
Geoffrey Wetherill Bonsall (Charles Wetherill)
By Dan Waters
4 pages
Repoerts for 2009-10
President's report
10 pages
Librarian's report
2 pages
Heritage Interest Group report
2 pages
Report of the Friends of the HKBRAS (U.K.)
1 page
Financial statements for January to December 2009
13 pages
Report of the Trustees of the Sir Lindsay and Lady Ride Fund
14 pages
Notes for contributors
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