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Journal of the Hong Kong Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society
Vol. 8 (1968 )
Editorial Note
1 page
President's Report for 1967
4 pages
Hon. Treasurer's Report for 1967
2 pages
Articles Contributed:
Chinese Religion and Rural Cohesion in the Nineteenth Century
Marjorie Topley
35 pages
The Hankow Steamer Tea Races
T. J. Lindsay
12 pages
Notes on Hong Kong Libraries in the Nineteenth Century
H. A. Rydings
11 pages
Further Notes on the Sung Wong T'oi
W. Schofield
7 pages
Being Caught by a Fishnet; On Fengshui in Southeastern China
Goran Aijmer
8 pages
Fan Lau and its Fort: an Historical Perspective
Armando Da Silva
14 pages
Plover Cove to Taipo Market: A Study in Forced Migration
Morris I. Berkowitz
13 pages
Sun Yat-sen and Chinese History
Stephen Uhalley,jr.
10 pages
Review Article:
Capitalism and the Chinese Peasant; Social and Economic Change in a Chinese Village (Jack M. Potter)
H. G. H. Nelson
9 pages
Article Reprinted:
Chinese Street-Cries in Hong Kong
J. Nacken
7 pages
Notes and Queries:
Notes on Some Vegetarian Halls in Hong Kong belonging to the Sect of Hsien-T'ien Tao: (The Way of Former Heaven)
Marjorie Topley And James Hayes
14 pages
Jardine,Matheson & Company's First Site in Hong Kong
Dafydd Emrys Evans
5 pages
Research on Family Values and Culture Change in Hong Kong's Modern Chinese Novels
Klaus Mading
3 pages
Hong Kong's First Government House
Dafydd Emrys Evans
5 pages
A Reaping Knife from Lantau Island,Hong Kong
James Hayes
1 page
Itinerant Hakka Weavers
James Hayes
4 pages
The Tung Chung Fort (Lantau Island,Hong Kong)
James Hayes
3 pages
Book Reviews
10 pages
The Library
22 pages
List of Members
18 pages
14 pages
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