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Journal of the Hong Kong Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society
Vol. 10 (1970 )
2 pages
President's Report for 1969
8 pages
Hon. Treasurer's Report for 1969
3 pages
The Library 1969-70
2 pages
Articles Contributed:
More on the Yung-Lo Ta-Tien
L. Carrington Goodrich
7 pages
Lord Elgin and the Taipings
Stephen Uhalley,Jr.
12 pages
Hong Kong Cadets,1862-1941
H. J. Lethbridge
21 pages
Aspects of Hong Kong Marine Fauna
Lamarr B. Trott
6 pages
A Hong Kong Butterfly
Colonel V. R. Burkhardt
6 pages
Chinatown in Hong Kong: The Beginnings of Taipingshan
Dafydd Emrys Evans
10 pages
Chinese Emigration and the Deck Passenger Trade
A. D. Blue
15 pages
Removing Some Barriers to Comprehension: A New Look at Cantonese Expletives
K. M. A. Barnett
34 pages
A British Maritime Chart of 1780 Showing Hong Kong
Henry D. Talbot
6 pages
Article Reprinted :
Hong Kong before the British
S. F. Balfour
46 pages
Notes and Queries:
The J.O.P. Bland Papers
J. L. Cranmer-Byng
3 pages
Visit to Old Shau Kei Wan--24th May,1969
James Hayes
6 pages
James Hayes
3 pages
Coach Tour of Eastern Hong Kong Island--18th October,1969
James Hayes
4 pages
The San on Map of Mgr. Volontieri [i.e. Volonteri]
James Hayes
4 pages
A Casualty of the Cultural Revolution
James Hayes
2 pages
Pile Houses at Tai O,Lantau Island,Hong Kong--10th January,1937
W. Schofield
4 pages
Book Reviews
15 pages
List of Members
18 pages
22 pages
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