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Journal of the Hong Kong Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society
Vol. 17 (1977 )
President's Report
5 pages
Treasurer's Report
4 pages
The Library
2 pages
Transactions :
Brunei: A Historical Relic
Leigh Wright
18 pages
Behind Japanese Barbed Wire: Stanley Internment Camp,Hong Kong 1942-1945
G. C. Emerson
13 pages
A Journey to Yenan 1946
W. A. Reynolds
12 pages
Articles :
Two Essays on the Ch'ing Economy of Hsin-An,Kwangtung
J. T. Kamm
30 pages
Under Altars
K. G. Stevens
16 pages
Social Organization and Ceremonial Life of Two Multi-Surname Villages in Hoi-p'ing County,South China,1911-1949
Yuen-Fong Woon
11 pages
'Little Fujian (Fukien)' Sub-Neighbourhood and Community in North Point,Hong Kong
Gregory E. Guldin
18 pages
Reprinted Articles :
Cheung Chow?Long Island
W. J. Hinton
14 pages
Memories of the District Office South,Hong Kong
W. Schofield
13 pages
Notes and Queries :
Notes for the Royal Asiatic Society Visit to Tai Mo Shan,3rd April 1976
L. B. And S. L. Thrower ; James Hayes
23 pages
Notes for the Visit to the Tang Family Graves,11 December1976
David Liu And James Hayes
7 pages
Royal Asiatic Society Visit to Tsuen Wan,10th December,1977 'A Village War'
James Hayes
14 pages
The Rural History Project in Yuen Long and Field Notes on the Social History and Fung Shui of Kam Tin
J. T. Kamm
18 pages
Bean Skim,A Product of Blood and Sweat
3 pages
Four Chinese Banks Fail,Partners Blame Head
3 pages
Two Letters From Wartime China
8 pages
A Further Note on Feng Yun-Shan and Giitzlaff Jen Yu-wen
4 pages
Reptiles New to Hong Kong
J. D. Romer
3 pages
The Public Botanic Garden of Hong Kong
2 pages
Birds of Tai Mo Shan
Michael Webster
1 page
Occurrence of the Frogs
J. D. Romer
2 pages
List of Members
23 pages
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