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Journal of the Hong Kong Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society
Vol. 28 (1988 )
11 pages
5 pages
1 page
Pirates in the Pearl River Delta
Dian H. Murray
9 pages
A Brief History of Technical Education in Hong Kong
Dan Waters
6 pages
Not So Calm An Administration: The Anglo-French Occupation of Canton,1858-1861
Steven A. Leibo
18 pages
Through Historical Records and Ancient Writings in search of the Giant Panada
Wei Peh T'i
10 pages
The First Child Labour Law in Hong Kong
Carl T. Smith
26 pages
Legends and Stories of the New Territories; Tai Po
Sung Hok-P'ang
6 pages
Legends and Stories of the New Territories; Castle Peak
Sung Hok-P'ang
10 pages
Ts'in Fuk
Sung Hok-P'ang
8 pages
A Sentimental Journey into the Past of the Chan and Jong Families
Violet Mebig Chan Lew
91 pages
'The One Bright Spot in Shanghai' A History of the Library of the North China Branch of The Royal Asiatic Society
Harold M. Otness
13 pages
The Man the Emperor Decapitated [restricted]
David Faure
5 pages
The Archives of the Basel Mission
Carl T. Smith
5 pages
The Lanterns of Chuko Liang
P. H. Hase
6 pages
FMS,A Silver Bracelet with an Ancient Greek Coin found in Wewak,East Sepik Province,Papua New Guinea
O. William Borrell
6 pages
The Tai Sheung Lo Kwan Temple,Chai Wan
James Hayes
2 pages
The Hongkong Milling Company's Failure
E. W. Wright
5 pages
A Traditional New Territories Latrine
P. H. Hase
5 pages
A Note on Rice Hullers
James Hayes
3 pages
A Glimpse of the Land Settlement at Shek Pik Village,Lantau Island,Hong Kong
James Hayes
6 pages
30 pages
untitled pages
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