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Journal of the Hong Kong Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society
Vol. 29 (1989 )
14 pages
2 pages
2 pages
In the Steps of Lu Pan: Reminiscences of Building in Hong Kong
Dan Waters
7 pages
Hong Kong,26 January 1841: Hoisting the Flag Revisited
K.J.P. Lowe
10 pages
The Jade Emperor and his Family,Yu Huang Ta Ti
Keith Stevens
16 pages
Fukienese Wang Yeh (Ong Ya [Hokkien])
Keith Stevens
27 pages
The Kiukiang Incident of 1927
P.H. Munro-Faure
16 pages
Hong Kong,December 1941--July 1942
A.D. Blackburn
17 pages
Joss Stick Manufacturing: A Study of a Traditional Industry in Hong Kong
Chan Ka-yan
27 pages
Cheung Shan Kwu Tsz,An Old Buddhist Nunnery in the New Territories and its Place in Local Society
P.H. Hase
37 pages
Thalia and Terpsichore on The Yangtze,A Survey of Foreign Theatre and Music in Shanghai 1850-1865
J.H. Haan
94 pages
John Fryer's Early Years in China: I. Diary of His Voyage to Hong Kong
Fred Dagenais
50 pages
The Dangs of Kam Tin and Their Jiu Festival
Chan Wing-hoi
74 pages
Notes on the Robert Hart Papers at the University of Hong Kong Library ..
E. Sinn
7 pages
A Song from Sha Tau Kok on the 1911 Revolution..
P.H. Hase
3 pages
The Mutual Defence Alliance (Yeuk) of the New Territories
P.H. Hase
5 pages
More on The Man the Emperor Decapitated 388
P.H. Hase
2 pages
The White Tiger
Issei Tanaka
2 pages
British Chinese Labour Corps Labourers Buried in England
Keith Stevens
1 page
The History of Hong Kong: From A Village to A City
Anthony Siu Kwok-kin
4 pages
Tai Yu Shan from Chinese Historical Records
Anthony Siu Kwok-kin
5 pages
Tung Lo Wan
Anthony Siu Kwok-kin
2 pages
25 pages
24 pages
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