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Hong Kong Journal of Public Administration
Vol. 2 No. 2 (1980 Dec)
Transport,Energy and Land Use in Hong Kong: Imperatives of Likelihood in Strategic Choice
Ian Brown And Carmen Vernon
14 pages
The Public Bureaucracy and Social Change in Singapore
Jon S.T. Quah
22 pages
Organizational Responses to Emergencies: Towards a Contingency Theory
Arie Halachmi
13 pages
Some Administrative Aspects of International Organizations
R.J.S. Baker
12 pages
How the Government in Hong Kong Makes Policy
C.J.G. Lowe
8 pages
The Convention of Peking,1898 and its Consequences (Review Article)
N.J. Miners
9 pages
Book Reviews
6 pages
Recent Developments in the Hong Kong Government
4 pages
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