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Hong Kong Journal of Public Administration
Vol. 4 No. 1 (1982 Jun)
The New Regional Planning: Economics or Politics?
Chung-Tong Wu
14 pages
Innovation in Administration
Gerald E. Caiden
15 pages
From "Voluntarism" to "Intervention by Discretion": The Changing Stance of Labour Administration in Hong Kong
Ng Sek-Hong
20 pages
On Decision-Making Models for Developed and Developing Countries
Ahmed Shafiqul Huque
8 pages
Liberal Utopianism as a Brake on Philippine Economic and Political Development
Chester L. Hunt
11 pages
A Comment on Hunt
Cecilio L. Pe
6 pages
A Rejoinder to Pe
Chester L. Hunt
1 page
Book Reviews
10 pages
Recent Developments in the Hong Kong Government
Kathleen Cheek-Milby
23 pages
Recent and Forthcoming Titles
1 page
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