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Journal of The Hong Kong Medical Association 香港醫學會醫刊
Vol. 39 No. 1 (1987 Mar)
Seminars in Surgery
untitled pages
Malignant Biliary Obstruction: Pathology,Physiology and the Effect of Percutaneous Transhepatic Drainage
T.K. Choi
3 pages
Malignant Obstructive Jaundice - The Role of Surgery
W.Y. Lau
7 pages
Non-operative Management of Malignant Biliary Obstruction
F. Mok & T.K. Choi
2 pages
Clinical Research
untitled pages
Acute Neurological Diseases with Viral Infections: A 9-Year Review
W.C.Y. Wong & W.K. Chang
6 pages
The Relationship of Semen Factors and the Outcome of In Vitro Fertilization of Human Oocytes
T.T.Y. Chiu,P.P.L. Tam,K.R. Mao & Y.M. Lam
5 pages
Accidental Needlestick Injuries Among Nurses in a Regional Hospital in Hong Kong
T.C. Tan & Yu Lei King
2 pages
Case Reports
untitled pages
Lymphadenopathy Associated with Nevus Cell Aggregates in Lymph Node Capsules
Ben Lin Hom,Stephen T. Ho,Joseph C.K. Lee
2 pages
Asbestosis Confirmed on Transbronchial Biopsy
T.S. Yu,C.Y. Tse & M.T.P. Simon
3 pages
Hyperinfestation of Strongyloides Stercoralis
K.F. Wong,LS. Ip,K.C. Ngan & P.K. Li
3 pages
Clinics in Neurology
untitled pages
Joubert Syndrome in a Chinese Boy - Good Response of Central Apnoea to Theophylline
V. Wong
3 pages
Review Articles
untitled pages
AIDS - Current Knowledge & Prospects for Control
B.M. Jones
8 pages
Investigations for Thyroid Nodules - A Critical Assessment
John Boey
4 pages
Chemotherapy in Advanced Bronchial Carcinoma - A Queen Mary Hospital Experience
W.K. Lam,S.Y. So,& Mary Ip
3 pages
Instructions to Authors
1 page
untitled pages
Advanced Cardiac Life Supporting (ACLS) by Nurses and The Medicolegal Position in Hong Kong
Patrick W.I. Pau
2 pages
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