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Asia-Pacific journal of taxation
The Asia Pacific Journal of Public Administration 亞太公共行政學 (2004-)
 The Asian Journal of Public Administration 亞洲公共行政學 (1983-2003)
 Hong Kong Journal of Public Administration (1979-1982)
Asian Journal of Counselling 亞洲輔導學報 (1992-)
Asian studies 亞洲研究 (1992-)
Bulletin (Society of Medical Officers of Health of Hong Kong) 健康
Bulletin (Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce) 工商月刊 (1967-)
The CUHK Journal of Humanities 中大人文學報 (1997-1999)
The China Review,or notes & queries on the Far East (1872-1901)
Chung Chi Journal 崇基學報 (1961-1976)
Education Journal 教育學報 (1977-)
 Studium : The Bulletin of the School of Education,The Chinese University of Hong Kong 學記 (1968-1975)
Hong Kong Dental Association Biennial Report (1992-1995)
 Hong Kong Dental Association yearbook (1986-1991)
Hong Kong Dental Association newsletter 香港牙醫學會會訊 (1983-)
Hong Kong Economic Papers : Serial publication of the Hong Kong Economic Association 香港經濟學會彙刊 (1961-1996)
Hong Kong Island Paddle Club
Hong Kong Journal of Applied Linguistics (1996-)
 Hongkong Papers in Linguistics and Language Teaching 語言理論教學研究 (1989-1995)
 Working Papers in Linguistics and Language Teaching 語言理論教學研究特刊 (1980-1988)
 Working Papers in Language And Language Teaching (1979)
Hong Kong Lawyer (1993-2000)
Journal of Hong Kong Library Association (1969-1999)
Hong Kong Medical Journal 香港醫學雜誌 (1995-)
 Journal of The Hong Kong Medical Association 香港醫學會醫刊 (1985-1994)
 The Bulletin of the Hong Kong Medical Association (1970-1984)
 The Bulletin of the Hong Kong Chinese Medical Association 香港中華醫學會醫刊 (1948-1969)
Hong Kong Meteorological Society bulletin (1991-)
Hong Kong Papers in Design and Development (1998-)
The Hong Kong Practitioner 香港全科醫學院月刊 (1978-)
The Hong Kong naturalist : a quarterly illustrated journal principally for Hong Kong and South China (1930-1941)
Hong Kong physiotherapy journal (1983-)
 Journal of the Hong Kong Physiotherapy Association (1978-1981)
The Humanities Bulletin 人文學刊 (1991-)
Industrial engineering (1982-)
 Industrial engineering journal (1980-1981)
Interflow 交流 (1975-1999)
Journal of Basic Education 基礎教育學報 (1997-)
 Journal of Primary Education 初等教育學報 (1993-1996)
 Primary Education 初等教育 (1991-1993)
The Journal of Building Surveying 建築測量學報 (1999-)
Journal of the Hong Kong Archaeological Society
Journal of the Hong Kong College of Cardiology (1993-)
Journal of the Hong Kong Geriatric Society (1990-)
Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society Hong Kong Branch (2004-)
 Journal of the Hong Kong Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society (1961-2003)
Law Lectures for Practitioners (1974-)
The Lion : district 303 港澳獅聲 (1974-)
New Asia Academic Bulletin 新亞學術集刊 (1978-)
 Academic Annual 新亞書院學術年刊 (1959-1977)
News: Centre for Studies in Urban Sustainability,HKU 新聞: 香港大學城市可持續性研究中心 (1999-)
Perspectives (City University of Hong Kong) (1989-2001)
Supply chain plus (2005-)
 HKANA news (1990-2005)
United College Journal 聯合書院學報 (1962-1975)
Wide Angle 廣角鏡 (1972-)
Yuan Yang: a Journal of Hong Kong and International writing 鴛鴦 (2000-)
新亞研究所通訊 (1998-)
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