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Journal of the Hong Kong Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society
Vol. 2 (1962 )
The Pattern of Life in the New Territories in 1898
James Hayes
28 pages
Excavations at Man Kok Tsui on Lantau Island
Elspeth Maneely
8 pages
A New Archaeological Site in Hong Kong
M. W. Welch
8 pages
Review Article: Britain and China by Evan Luard
Colina Lupton
7 pages
Notes and Queries
5 pages
List of Members
8 pages
Chinese Seals
T. Y. Li
7 pages
Some of China's Thirty-five Million non-Chinese
Herold J. Wiens
21 pages
Articles Contributed:
untitled pages
4 pages
President's Report for 1961
5 pages
Hon. Treasurer's Report for 1961
1 page
Transactions of the Branch,1961-1962:
untitled pages
Nestorian Crosses and Nestorian Christians in China under the Mongols
F. S. Drake
19 pages
Currency Problems in a Cycle of Cathay
G. Findlay Andrew
11 pages
The Buddhist Career
Holmes Welch
12 pages
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