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Journal of the Hong Kong Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society
Vol. 6 (1966 )
Sino-Western Contacts Under the Mongol Empire
H. Franke
24 pages
The Foreign Relations of Buddhism in Modern China
H. Welch
27 pages
The Hanlin Academy in the Early Ch'ing Period (1644-1795)
A. L. Y. Chung -
20 pages
Old British Kowloon
J. W. Hayes
19 pages
Book Reviews
21 pages
Notes and Queries
13 pages
List of Members
17 pages
President's Report for 1965
5 pages
Hon. Treasurer's Report for 1965
2 pages
Transactions of the Branch,1965 - 66:
untitled pages
A Plea for a Regional Approach to Chinese History: The Case of the South China Coast
J. Nolde
16 pages
The Five Great Clans of the New Territories
H. Baker
24 pages
Articles Contributed :
untitled pages
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