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Journal of the Hong Kong Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society
Vol. 7 (1967 )
3 pages
President's Report for 1966
5 pages
Hon. Treasurer's Report for 1966
2 pages
Transactions of the Branch,1966-67:
untitled pages
Hong Kong Mammals
Patricia Marshall
10 pages
The Travelling Palace of Southern Sung in Kowloon
Jen Yu-wen
18 pages
Articles Contributed :
untitled pages
Printing: A New Discovery
L. Carrington Goodrich
3 pages
Expansion and Extension in Hakka Society
L. G. Aijmer
38 pages
The China Coasters
A. D. Blue
11 pages
Land and Leadership in the Hong Kong Region of Kwangtung
James Hayes
13 pages
Articies Reprinted:
untitled pages
A Notice of the Sanon District
Rev. Mr. Krone
34 pages
Salt Manufacture in Hong Kong
Lin Shu-yen
14 pages
Notes and Queries:
untitled pages
Two Ming Cannon found in Hong Kong
Ming Cannon Found In Hong Kong
6 pages
The Chan Clan of Tseung Kwan O,New Territories
B. V. Williams
3 pages
Visit to Places of Interest on Hong Kong Island,1 April,1967
James Hayes
10 pages
Book Reviews
18 pages
List of Members
17 pages
8 pages
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