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Journal of the Hong Kong Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society
Vol. 9 (1969 )
Some Notes on Ethno-botany in the New Territories of Hong Kong
Armando Da Silva
7 pages
The Mapping of Hong Kong
J. T. Cooper
10 pages
Article Reprinted:
untitled pages
The San On Map of Mgr. Volonteri
Ronald C. Y. Ng
8 pages
Notes and Queries:
untitled pages
Bethesda and the Berliner Frauenverein Fur China
Alurecht Plag
2 pages
The Comet of 1532
L. Carrington Goodrich
2 pages
What Inspired Sir John Bowring's Hymn?
L. Carrington Goodrich
2 pages
Transactions of the Branch 1968
untitled pages
Chinese Unofficial Members of the Legislative and Executive Councils in Hong Kong up to 1941
T. C. Cheng
24 pages
Articles Contributed :
untitled pages
Militia,Market and Lineage: Chinese Resistance to the Occupation of Hong Kong's New Territories in 1899
R. G. Groves
34 pages
Tung Kwu Island; the Type Site of Hong Kong's Older Prehistoric Culture
17 pages
King Mongkut and the Kingdom of Siam
R. Bruce
19 pages
The Linguistic and Literary Value of Ming Dynasty 'Mountain Songs'
John McCoy
12 pages
The Chinese Descent System and the Occupancy Level of Village Houses
H.G.H. Nelson
11 pages
President's Report for 1968
4 pages
Hon. Treasurer's Report for 1968
2 pages
List of Members
18 pages
20 pages
Books from the Victoria Library
H. A. Rydings
2 pages
Early Hong Kong Libraries
J. R. Jones
1 page
Defence Wall at Pass between Kowloon City and Kowloon Tsai
3 pages
Removal of Villages for Fung Shui Reasons.Another Example from Lantau Island,Hong Kong
James Hayes
3 pages
The Occupancy Level of Village Houses in the Hong Kong Region
James Hayes
3 pages
A Pair of Pottery Covered Jars found at Shek Pik,Lantau Island
James C. Y.Watt
3 pages
Kelly and Walsh
Hon. Editor
2 pages
Book Reviews
14 pages
The Library,1968-69
4 pages
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