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Journal of the Hong Kong Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society
Vol. 11 (1971 )
Notes and Queries
untitled pages
Visit to the Tung Lin Kok Yuen,and other places on Hong Kong Island
James Hayes
4 pages
Rope-making and Dyeing/Calendering on Ap Lei Chau,Hong Kong
James Hayes
2 pages
Charcoal Burning in Hong Kong
James Hayes
5 pages
What Inspired Sir John Bowring' Hymn?
J. M. Braga
2 pages
Ceremonies of Propitiation Carried Out in connection with Road Works in the New Territories in 1960
G. C. W. Grout & Hon. Editor
6 pages
Book Reviews
16 pages
List of Members
18 pages
President's Report for 1970
8 pages
Hon. Treasurer's Report for 1970
4 pages
The Library 1970-71
4 pages
Articles Contributed:
untitled pages
The Taipings at Ningpo: The Significance of a Forgotten Event
Stephen Uhalley,Jnr
16 pages
The Debate on National Salvation: Ho Kai Versus Tseng Chi-tse
Chiu Ling-yeong
19 pages
Letters from China 1835-36
Hon. Editor
10 pages
Chinese Voluntary Associations in Southeast Asian Cities and the Kaifongs in Hong Kong
Aline K. Wong
12 pages
The Emergence of a Chinese Elite in Hong Kong
Carl T. Smith
42 pages
The District Watch Committee: 'The Chinese Executive Council of Hong Kong'
H. J. Lethbridge
26 pages
A Brief Report on Sung-Type Pottery Finds in Hong Kong
J. C. Y. Watt
19 pages
A Short History of Military Volunteers in Hong Kong
James Hayes
31 pages
Articles Reprinted:
untitled pages
The Colony of Hong Kong
Rev. James Legge
22 pages
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