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Journal of the Hong Kong Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society
Vol. 12 (1972 )
President's Report for 1971
5 pages
Hon. Treasurer's Report for 1971
3 pages
The Library,1971
3 pages
Transactions of The Branch
untitled pages
Chinese Medicine and its Contribution to Modern Medical Science (A Lecture given on 16th November,1971)
Dr. F. I. Tseung
8 pages
Some Nineteenth Century Water Colours of Canton and the Far East (A Lecture given on 15th December,1971)
P. H. Collin
9 pages
Raja James Brooke and Sarawak: An Anomaly in the 19th Century British Colonial Scene (A Lecture given on 18th January 1972)
Dr. L. R. Wright
12 pages
Articles :
untitled pages
The Establishment of the Tsungli Yamen: A Translation of the Memorial and Edict of 1861
J. L. Cranmer Byng
14 pages
Sir James Haldane Stewart Lockhart: Colonial Civil Servant and Scholar
Henry James Lethbridge
34 pages
A Historical Review of Housing Conditions in Hong Kong
Dr. E. G. Pryor
41 pages
Traditional Chinese Regional Architecture: Chinese Houses
Linda F. Sullivan
20 pages
The Origins of Hong Kong's Central Market and the Tarrant Affair
Dafydd Emrys Evans.
11 pages
Archaeology in Hong Kong and South China (1938)
W. Schofield
8 pages
Three Chinese Deities: Variations on a Theme
Keith Stevens
27 pages
Notes and Queries
untitled pages
Who Hoisted Ihe Union Jack?
Dr. J. R. Jones
2 pages
China's Earliest Printing---a Note
L. Carrington Goodrich
2 pages
Unusual Trees in Hong Kong: the Canton Water Pine
Shen Dze-chia
3 pages
A Note on Agricultural Change in Hong Kong
Goran Aijmer
6 pages
Letting Go the Wooden Goose
James Hayes
1 page
Programme Notes for the Visit to Pokfulam,Hong Kong Island,29th July,1972
James Hayes
6 pages
Book Reviews
26 pages
26 pages
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