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Journal of the Hong Kong Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society
Vol. 13 (1973 )
President's Report for 1972
8 pages
Hon. Treasurer's Report for 1972
2 pages
The Library,1972
2 pages
Articles :
untitled pages
Transactions of the China Medico-Chirurgical Society,1845-46
H. A. Rydings
15 pages
The Yaumatei Typhoon Shelter,Hong Kong,1900-1915
A. J. S. Lack
13 pages
The Kam Tin Gates
Peter Wesley-Smith
4 pages
Early Steamships in China
A. D. Blue
13 pages
Persians,Arabs and Other Nationals In T'ang China
Chiu Ling-yeong
15 pages
Swatow (Ch'auchow) Horizontal Stick Puppets
Helga Werle
12 pages
Five 19th Century Kwangtung Art Catalogues
Chuang Shen
26 pages
Reprinted Articles
untitled pages
Legends and Stories of the New Territories: Kam T'in (with a memoir of the author by Lo Hsiang-lin)
Sung Hok-p'ang
22 pages
Notes and Queries
untitled pages
Notes on Chinese Temples in Hong Kong
Carl T. Smith
7 pages
Ling Chin' at Canton,27th May 1886
5 pages
Hai Ju; Ming Patriot,Spark for Revolution and God
Keith Stephens
3 pages
Another Volontieri [i.e. Volonteri] Map?
5 pages
William Thomas Mercer (1822-1879) Hong Kong's Poet Laureate?
Henry James Lethbridge
3 pages
Old Bills of Lading (McMullen Collection)
H. A. Rydings
9 pages
Visit to the Sukhothai Sites in Thailand
Michael Smithies
5 pages
Deep Bay Marshes
1 page
Book Reviews
17 pages
15 pages
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