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Journal of the Hong Kong Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society
Vol. 14 (1974 )
'Oh for the Joys of England': Lt. Orlando Bridgeman's Letters from China and Hong Kong,1842-1843
Robin McLachlan
9 pages
'Fung Shui' Woodlands
L. C. Shen
2 pages
The Craft of God Carving in Singapore
Keith G. Stevens
8 pages
Father Ernesto Gherzi,S. J.,1886-1973
G. J. Bell
7 pages
Notes on the Sources of De Mailla,Histoire Generate de la Chine
Richard Gregg Irwin,with Introduction By L. Carrington Goodrich
9 pages
The Monuments of Vientiane and Luang Prabang (Report of the RAS Tour to Laos,23-24 January,1974)
Michael Smithies
7 pages
The Hong Kong Region: its place in Traditional Chinese Historiography and Principal Events since the Establishment of Hsin-an County in 1573
James Hayes
28 pages
Reprinted Articles
untitled pages
Place Names of Hong Kong and the New Territories (1958)
K. M. A. Barnett
24 pages
Legends and Stories of the New Territories: Kam T'in (1935-38) (continued)
Sung Hok-pang
26 pages
Notes and Queries
untitled pages
The European Grave on Shek Kwu Chau,Hong Kong
Jean Moore
2 pages
Unusual Trees in Hong Kong: the Cassia Bark Tree
L. C. Shen
2 pages
Traditional Farming Techniques and their Survival in Hong Kong
P. L. Siak
6 pages
Programme Notes for Visits to Places of Interest in Hong Kong and Kowloon,1974: Kennedy Town,Old Wanchai,Old Western District,the Diocesan Boy's School and La Salle College,and Ceramic Factory and Sam Tung Uk,N.T.
James Hayes,Carl Smith,Helga Werle Et. Al
39 pages
Book Reviews
10 pages
List of Members
21 pages
President's Report for 1974
7 pages
Hon. Treasurer's Report for 1974
2 pages
The Library,1974
2 pages
Transactions of The Branch :
untitled pages
The Paper Chase纛rchives and the Public Records Office of Hong Kong (A lecture given on 7th January,1974)
A. I. Diamond
16 pages
Adventurers in Hong Kong: the Marquis de Mores and David de Mayreria (A lecture given on 29th March,1974)
Henry James Lethbridge
30 pages
Dogs and Horses in Ancient China (A lecture given on 27th May,1974)
Carole Morgan
10 pages
Articles :
untitled pages
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