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Journal of the Hong Kong Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society
Vol. 15 (1975 )
Captive Surgeon in Hong Kong: the Story of the British Military Hospital,Hong Kong 1942-1945
Donald C. Bowie
141 pages
Notes and Queries :
untitled pages
The Pottery Kilns at Wun Yiu,Tai Po
J. W. Hayes
2 pages
The Noon Day Gun
Carl T. Smith
1 page
The German Congregation in Hong Kong until 1914
Carl T. Smith
4 pages
The RAS Photographic Survey in Hong Kong
H. A. Rydings
6 pages
Boat People's Ceremonies observed from Island House,Tai Po
D. Akers Jones
3 pages
Chief Marshal T'ien,patron of the stage,of musicians and wrestlers -- East and South East China
K. G. Stevens
9 pages
Chang Yu-tang and an old Hanging Scroll from Cheung Chau
Francis S. Y. Sham And James Hayes
8 pages
Hung Hom: an Early Industrial Village in Old British Kowloon
Carl T. Smith And James Hayes
8 pages
Typhoon Preparations in 1903
3 pages
Book Reviews
19 pages
26 pages
President's Report
8 pages
The Library : and the Library Rules
3 pages
Transactions of the Branch :
untitled pages
A Hong Kong Spirit-Medium Temple
John T. Myers
12 pages
Merchant Organisations in Late Imperial China: Patterns of Change and Development
Wellington K. K. Chan
15 pages
China's Economic Planning and Changing Geography
Chiao-min Hsieh
5 pages
Articles :
untitled pages
Incident between the Hong Merchants and the Super-cargoes of the British East India Company in Canton,1811
J. L. Cranmer-Byng
13 pages
The Great Plague of Hong Kong
E. G. Pryor
10 pages
Notes on Chiuchow Opera
Helga Werle
17 pages
Condition of the European Working Class in Nineteenth Century Hong Kong
Henry James Lethbridge
25 pages
The Employment of Foreign Military Talent: Chinese Tradition and Late Ch'ing Practice
Richard J. Smith
26 pages
The Pacific Oyster Industry in Hong Kong
Brian Morton And P. S. Wong
11 pages
Treasurer's Report
4 pages
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