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Journal of the Hong Kong Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society
Vol. 16 (1976 )
Articles :
untitled pages
Reflections on the Comparative Study of Modernizationin China and Japan
Richard J. Smiih
13 pages
The Teochiu: Ethnicity in Urban Hong Kong
Douglas W. Sparks
32 pages
Interethnic Interaction--a matter of Definition: Ethnicity in a Housing Estate in Hong Kong
Douglas W. Sparks
24 pages
A Hawaiian King Visits Hong Kong,1881
Tin-Yuke Char
15 pages
Chan Lai-sun and his Family: a 19th Century China Coast Family
Carl T. Smith
5 pages
Notes on Friends and Relatives of Taiping Leaders
Carl T. Smith With Additional Notes By Jen Yu-Wen
18 pages
Operation and Maintenance of a Road Transport System in West China 1942-46
W. A. Reynolds
27 pages
Land and River Routes to West China
A. D. Blue
17 pages
In the Path of the Ancient Mon: Pagan,Pegu and Nakom Pathom
Michael Smithies
12 pages
untitled pages
A Report on Social Research in the New Territories of Hong Kong,1963
Maurice Freedman
71 pages
Notes and Queries :
untitled pages
Visit to Tung Wah Group of Hospitals' Museum,2 October 1976
Carl Smith And James Hayes
19 pages
Political and Pugilistic Free masonry?
Y. F. Lam
2 pages
Sandal Wood Mills at Tsuen Wan
James Hayes
2 pages
'Patterned Bands' in the New Territories of Hong Kong
Elizabeth L. Johnson
11 pages
In Search of the Chinese Name for 'Li Sun'
Tin-Yuke Char
5 pages
President's Report
5 pages
Treasurer's Report
4 pages
The Library
2 pages
Chinese in the Volunteer Forces of Hong Kong
James Hayes
2 pages
A Missing Chinese Library?
James Hayes
1 page
Notes on Ho Chung--a 19th Century Artist in Kwangtung
Chuang Shen
7 pages
Chinese Preserved Monks
Keith Stevens
6 pages
Preliminary List of the Baker Collection of New Territories Genealogies in The British Library
H.G.H. Nelson
5 pages
The Occurrence of Troides Helena (Linn.) in Hong Kong
J. Carey-Hughes And J. B. Pickford
6 pages
28 pages
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