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Journal of the Hong Kong Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society
Vol. 24 (1984 )
The Chinese 'Yue Lan' Ghost Festival in Japan: A Kobe Case Study,Aug. 31 - Sept. 4,1982
Choi Chi-cheung
34 pages
1 page
untitled pages
Temple Oracles in a Chinese City
Julian Pas
45 pages
Notes on the History of Tsuen Wan [restricted]
David Faure
59 pages
Hong Kong Island Before 1841
James Hayes
38 pages
State Regulation of Prostitution in Hong Kong,1857 to1941
R.J. Miners
19 pages
The Pearl River Estuary Oyster Industry in and around Deep Bay
R.A. Bowler,D.S.C. Yang And A.J.E. Smith
20 pages
The Structure and Operation of Kei Wais (基圍)
Y.H. Cheung,K.Y. Tai,S.W. Tsao And L.B. Thrower
25 pages
The Shanghai Municipal Council,1850-1865
J.H. Haan
23 pages
untitled pages
8 pages
4 pages
Traditional Tea Growing in the New Territories
P.H.Hase,J.W. Hayes And K.C. Iu
18 pages
Cheung Ah-lum,a Biographical Note
Choi Chi-cheung
6 pages
Julian Tenison Woods in Hong Kong
Roderick O'Brien S.J.
7 pages
Lime-making on Tsing Yi
Wong Tak-yan
12 pages
Wai Cheung (εœι•·),a Kind of Rural Leader in the 19th Century Hong Kong Region
James Hayes
3 pages
Village Shops in the Hong Kong Region
James Hayes
2 pages
Hong Kong Hilltop Retreat for Cross and Lotus
Hugh Witt
6 pages
Diocesan Boys School Seventy Years Ago
W.J. Howard
7 pages
Book Reviews
18 pages
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