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Journal of the Hong Kong Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society
Vol. 39 (1999 )
2 pages
Beside the Yamen Nga Tsin Wai Village
P.H. Hase
82 pages
Safeguarding One's Fortunes: The Importance of Tun Fu 83
D.D. Waters
32 pages
The Battle of Hong Kong A Note on the Literature and the Effectiveness of the Defence
Lawrence Lai Wai Chung
22 pages
Decoded Version of Squadron Leader Donald Hill's Wartime Diary Maintained Whilst in Captivity in Hong Kong: (a) Translation of "Russels Mathematical Tables" (b) A Decoded Diary Reveals a War Time Story
P.J. Aston
28 pages
The Barbara Ward Memorial Lecture – Post-Colonial Anthropology Local Identities and Virtual Nationality in the Hong Kong-China Region
Nicholas Tapp
29 pages
The Characteristics of Chinese Religion Mainly Taken from 19th Century Writings,but yet Relevant for Contemporary Hong Kong
James Hayes
15 pages
"That Singular and Hitherto Almost Unknown Country Opinions on China,the Chinese,and the "Opium War" among British Naval and Military Officers who Served During Hostilities There
James Hayes
23 pages
Papers on the Conference Held on 9 December,2000 to Commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the Reconstitution of the Hong Kong Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society (HKBRAS) - Hong Kong: Forty Years of a Growing City
19 pages
Feng Shui and Roadworks at Tong Fuk Village,1958
James Hayes
5 pages
A Torn Scrap of Paper: Relating to a Money Loan Association,Small Loans,or What?
James Hayes
7 pages
Further Tales of the Man the Emperor Decapitated
P.H. Hase
3 pages
Photograph Taken on the Occasion of the HKBRAS Visit to the Public Records Office in January,2000
1 page
One of Hong Kong's Many Hillside Temples
D.D. Waters
7 pages
The HKBRAS trip to Vietnam between 30 September and 6 October,2000
Crystal Tang
7 pages
Translations from the Russian,HKBRAS Journal. No 38
James Hayes
1 page
Hong Kong Invaded! A '97 Nightmare
Gillian Bickley
3 pages
11 pages
3 pages
9 pages
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