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Journal of the Hong Kong Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society
Vol. 34 (1994 )
6 pages
7 pages
untitled pages
The German Speaking Community in Hong Kong,1846-1918
Carl Smith
55 pages
Foreigners and Fung Shui
Dan Waters
61 pages
The Taking of Chapu,May 1842
Keith Stevens
9 pages
The Royal Asiatic Society,Hong Kong Branch
James Hayes
17 pages
The Study of Local History in Hong Kong: A Review
Elizabeth Sinn
23 pages
Notes and Queries
untitled pages
Notes on Cheung Pao Tsai
Anthony Siu Kwok Kin
3 pages
A Short Biography of Lai Chun Bun
Anthony Siu Kwok Kin
3 pages
Yet More on the Man the Emperor Decapitated
Wong Wing Ho
3 pages
Earth God and Village Shrines in the New Territories
Richard Webb
9 pages
untitled pages
An English Bibliography for China Studies-Compiled by Betty Wei Peh Ti
23 pages
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