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Journal of the Hong Kong Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society
Vol. 36 (1996 )
The Han Lin Academy and a Chinese Deity
Keith Stevens
3 pages
Impermanence of Images in Chinese Popular Religion Temples
Keith Stevens
3 pages
Supplicating the Deities in Mainland China's Temples
Keith Stevens
1 page
Distribution of Temples on Hong Kong Island as Recorded in 1981
Anthony Siu Kwok Kin
5 pages
Past Presidents of the Royal Asiatic Society,Hong Kong Branch
Dan Waters
1 page
Logo of the Royal Asiatic Society,Hong Kong Branch
Dan Waters
1 page
3 pages
The Sepulchral Urn of Martim Afonso de Melo in Santarem
Ronald Bishop Smith
4 pages
11 pages
8 pages
untitled pages
Traditional Life in the New Territories: The Evidence of the 1911 and 1921 Censuses
Patrick Hase
92 pages
From Langming Ordination Names to Gongming Imperial Degrees: Study of a Hakka Religious Practice and its Decline
Chan Wing Hoi
35 pages
John Fryer's Early Years in China: III. Account of Three Days Excursion on the Mainland of China
Fred Dagenais
17 pages
The Hou-wang Cult and Tung Chung's Communal Culture
Yip Hon Ming And Ho Wai Yee
33 pages
A Study of the Objectives of Church Involvement in Education as Perceived by the Various Protestant Denominations in Hong Kong
Peter Ng Tze Ming
10 pages
Business Investment in Politics: Overseas Returned Chinese,Hong Kong Compradores and the Canton Government,1911-1924
Stephanie Chung Po Yin
28 pages
untitled pages
Traces of Houtu's Cult in Hong Kong
Carole Morgan
3 pages
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