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The Hong Kong Practitioner 香港全科醫學院月刊
Vol. 24 No. 3 (2002 Mar)
Letters To The Editor
untitled pages
Clinical management of neuropathic pain
K.W. Chan,K.F. Chin
1 page
Update Articles
untitled pages
Management of advanced breast cancer ?a multidisciplinary approach
K.L. Cheung ?[et Al.]
18 pages
Evidence-based psychosocial clinical practice guidelines for women with breast cancer
C. Fabrizio,W.W.T. Lam
6 pages
Chemotherapy in palliative medicine
V.S.P. Chan
5 pages
untitled pages
To embrace death with dying in dignity
V.S.P. Chan
2 pages
Discussion Paper
untitled pages
Hospice care ?a paradigm shift in the care of cancer patients
M.M.K. Sham
4 pages
Clininal Quiz
untitled pages
A man with chronic pruritic papular rash on his lower limbs
K.K. Lo
1 page
1 page
College News
8 pages
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