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Vol. 8 (1996 Autumn)
The Department of English,City University of Hong Kong
1 page
1 page
A Model of the Development of Intra-organizational and Inter-organizational Communication in the Multinational Corporations
Bertha Du-Babcock
29 pages
An Interview with Chris Patten,Governor of Hong Kong [Work in Progress]
John Flowerdew
15 pages
Teachers' Belief about Writing in Hong Kong Secondary Schools
Charles Lockhart
35 pages
Clothing Codes as Identity Markers: communicating style for Hong Kong youth [Work in Progress]
Barry Lowe
6 pages
Meeting Community Needs for Language in Business Contexts: an interim review of the BAEPC course
Christina Ng & Eunice Tang
25 pages
Accent,Listening Comprehension and Low Proficiency ESL Learners in Hong Kong
Steve Tauroza & Jasmine Luk
24 pages
Departmental publication list and order form
6 pages
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