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Journal of the Hong Kong Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society
Vol. 32 (1992 )
7 pages
A Jersey Adventurer in China: Gun Runner,Customs Officer,and Business Entrepreneur and General in the Chinese Imperial Army,1842-1919
Keith Stevens
101 pages
Behind the Front Lines in Burma,The Marches of the Salween Border,1942-1944
P.H. Munro-Faure
36 pages
A Peek Backwards into the Jewish Community of Shanghai
Wei Peh Ti
15 pages
Old Chinese Graves from the Tsuen Wan District of Hong Kong's New Territories
James Hayes
16 pages
An Exploratory Study of Pingshan,a Hakka Village Cluster to the East of Shenzhen
David Faure
13 pages
Resurgence of Folk Religion in Western China
David Faure
6 pages
Growing up in China-. Lactate to the Royal Asiatic Society,Hong Kong Branch,14 May,1993
Dems Bray
15 pages
Bandits in the Siu Lek Yuen Yeuk
P.H. Hase
2 pages
First Meeting of the Warring States Working Group,University of Massachusetts
Alvin P. Cohen
2 pages
9 pages
untitled pages
untitled pages
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