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The Bulletin of the Hong Kong Chinese Medical Association 香港中華醫學會醫刊
Vol. 9 No. 1 (1957 Dec)
List of Office Bearers
1 page
2 pages
Farewell Dinner to Dr. the Hon. K. C. Yeo,C.M.G.
3 pages
What is New in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
J. P. Greenhill
6 pages
Some Aspects of Twin Pregnancy
H. Gordon Page
4 pages
Some Views on the Pharmacological Properties and Uses of Murcle Relaxants.
Z. Lett
6 pages
'Rastinon' in the Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus.
C. H. Choa,A. S. Poon,K. H. Chin
4 pages
Arachnoidal Cyst
H. L. Wen
3 pages
Trends in American Psychiatry
William B. Terhune
6 pages
A Diagnostic and Prognostic Study of the Schuzophrenias in Southern Chinese.
P. M. Yap
16 pages
Some Local Beliefs on Sexual Disorders
T. C. Pang
2 pages
Constitution of the Hong Kong Chinese Medical Association
2 pages
List of Members
5 pages
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