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The Bulletin of the Hong Kong Medical Association
Vol. 28 (1976 Oct)
Contemporary Trends in the Use of Psychopharmacological Agents
K. Singer
18 pages
Hepatitis B Surface Antigen
5 pages
A Survey of Cases Notified,on a Voluntary Basis,as Silicosis in Hong Kong
William N.K. Chen,Dip Singh,W.G.L. Allan
8 pages
List of Office Bearers (1976-77)
5 pages
The Editorial
1 page
The Control and Compensation of Pneumoconiosis in Hong Kong
Thomas K.W. Ng
13 pages
Medical Examinations Required in Hong Kong Labour Law
Thomas K.W. Ng
10 pages
Type V Hyperlipoproteinemia
M. K. Chan
5 pages
Scabies - Diagnosis and Treatment
Wong Kwok On
5 pages
Mediastinal Neuroblastoma with Acute Respiratory Obstruction - Successful Resection following Cardiac Arrest
David W. H. Chan,John S. M. Leung
5 pages
Pulmonary Cryptococcosis (Case Report)
J. S. M. Leung
4 pages
List of Members
25 pages
Absent Members
2 pages
Student Members
1 page
Notice to Contributors
1 page
Index to Advertisers
1 page
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