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The Bulletin of the Hong Kong Medical Association
Vol. 29 (1978 Jun)
List of Office Bearers (1977-78)
5 pages
The Editorial
1 page
Management of the Malignant Lymphomas: A Brief Review
Ronald P. Ng
8 pages
The Treatment of Anxiety
F. Lieh-Mak
8 pages
Early diagnosis of bleeding oesophageal varices by the bromsulphalein test in patients with upper gastrointestinal bleeding
Frank C.Y. Cheng
8 pages
Chest tubes and water seal drainage
P. Nandi
8 pages
Doctors in Industry
Geoffrey E. Ffrench
4 pages
Intra-Amniotic Prostaglandin F2 for inducing Mid-Trimester Abortion in Hong Kong
S.K. Yip
6 pages
A comparative study of mothers' attitudes to breast and bottle feeding at Tsan Yuk Hospital in Spring of 1976
Howard J. Wing
14 pages
A study of bilirubin and albumin binding and its clinical significance
Lau Pui Hing
14 pages
List of Members
29 pages
Student Members
1 page
Absent Members
2 pages
Notice to Contributors
1 page
Index to Advertisers
1 page
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