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The Bulletin of the Hong Kong Medical Association
Vol. 30 (1979 Sep)
A Study of 2% Solution of Sodium Cromoglycate (Lomusol) in Hong Kong Chinese
Sr. M. Gabriel,Cindy Y.F. Wong,A.S. Viner
7 pages
Surgical Aspect of Acute Respiratory Failure
P. Nandi
14 pages
A Preliminary Look into the Causative Factors of Occupational Hand Injuries in Hong Kong
P.C. Leung,T.K.Y. Ng
14 pages
First Aid for Occupational Hand Injuries in Hong Kong
P.C. Leung,Thomas K.W. Ng
6 pages
Survey of Neonatal Units in Hong Kong and Comparison with Recommended Standards
Henrietta Man Hing Ip
19 pages
Radiant Flux Delivered by Phototherapy Units Used in Hong Kong
C.M. Chung
4 pages
Hypothalamic Amenorrhoea: Its Underlying Psychological Factors
Howard J. Wing,Tsang Ping Ham
14 pages
Persistent Upper and Lower Motor Neurone Lesion Following Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Jean Woo
3 pages
List of Members
32 pages
Absent Members
1 page
Student Members
1 page
Index to Advertisers
1 page
List of Office Bearers (1978-79)
5 pages
The Editorial
1 page
Notice to Contributors
1 page
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