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The Bulletin of the Hong Kong Medical Association
Vol. 36 (1984 Sep)
List of Office Bearers (1984-85)
5 pages
The Editorial - Hepatitis B Vaccine: A Vaccine for the Prevention of Liver Cancer
4 pages
Instructions to Authors
2 pages
Chromosomes and Primary Amenorrhoea
Dr. Daniel C.S. Chiu,Dr. Mary Tang,Dr. Alice S. Chau & Mr. Paul Yu
8 pages
High Risk Infant Transport in Hong Kong
Dr. Fok Tai-Fai & Dr. Lau Sum-Ping
7 pages
Lumbar Epidural Analgesia in Obstetrics
Dr. C.S. Chan,Dr. Au Tak-Kwan,Eileen & Dr. Chan Mi-Lan,May
8 pages
Ferritin in Malignant Diseases
Prof. J.C.K. Lee & Dr. C.S. Ng
6 pages
Management of Severe Poisoning Cases by Haemodialysis and Haemoperfusion
Dr. Ho Chung-Ping,Dr. Yam Kam-Kwong & Dr. S.C.R. Kapoor
6 pages
Epidemiology of Ischaemic Heart Disease and Coronary Risk Factors in Hong Kong
Dr. Woo Kam-Sang
10 pages
Attempted Suicide - Study of a Hospital Sample
Dr. T.M. Leung & Dr. W.H. Lo
13 pages
A Review of 13 Cases of Exomphalos in Chinese
Dr. Liu Hin-Wing,Peter Dr. Chow Chun-Hung & Dr. Ho Hon-Lau
9 pages
Smoking among Surgical Patients in Hong Kong
Dr. M.L. Yeung
8 pages
One Year Experience in a Child on CAPD
Dr. Mary B.L. Kwong
7 pages
The Scene of Children's Trauma in Hong Kong - A Preliminary Survey of 3974 Cases in Regional Hospital
Dr. K.M. Chan,Dr. L.K. Hung & Prof. P.C. Leung
5 pages
List of Members
30 pages
Absent Members
2 pages
Student Members
3 pages
1 page
Index to Advertisers
1 page
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