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Journal of The Hong Kong Medical Association 香港醫學會醫刊
Vol. 37 No. 2 (1985 Jun)
List of Office Bearers (1985-86)
1 page
untitled pages
Illegal Medical Practice in Hong Kong
Dr. K.H. Lee
1 page
Review Articles:
untitled pages
Renal Biopsy: Its Role in Diagnosis & Management of Rental Disease
Dr. W.L. Ng
7 pages
An Approach to Hypospadias Management
Dr. David W.K. Man
3 pages
Hong Kong Medical Association Prize Winning Essay:
untitled pages
Subcalcaneal Pain
Dr. Sung Jao-yiu
5 pages
Clinical Research:
untitled pages
A Report on the Fertilization of Human Eggs in vitro
Dr. K.R. Mao,Dr. P.P.L. Tam,Dr. A.M.Z. Chang,Dr. D.J. Riches
4 pages
Years of Life Lost - Another Measurement of Mortality
Dr. Edith M.C. Lau,Prof. Stuart P.B. Donnan
3 pages
Recombinant Yeast Human Hepatitis B Vaccine
Dr. Maurice R. Hilleman,Dr. Robert E. Weibel,Dr. Edward M. Scolnick
11 pages
Hospital Hepatitis B Risk to Health Care Personnel in Hong Kong
Dr. E.K. Yeoh,Dr. K.F. Chau,Dr. W.K. Chang,Dr. Y.Y. Chan,Dr. D.T.N. Saw
3 pages
Mycobacterium chelonei Infection of the Back and Extremities: Report of an Iatrogenic Epidemic
Dr. Y.K. Lee,Dr. W.H. Seto,Dr. D. Fang
3 pages
Case Reports:
untitled pages
Lower G.I. Bleeding Secondary to Metastatic Carcinoma of Pancreas
Dr. Peter H.W. Liu,Dr. D. Saw,Dr. H.L. Ho
3 pages
Ultrasound Diagnosis of Recurrence of Majewski Dwarfism
Dr. Michael S. Rogers,Dr. John Cruickshank
3 pages
Practical Problems in Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics : I
untitled pages
Antiepileptic Treatment During Pregnancy
Dr. C.R. Kumana,Dr. Y.L. Yu,Prof. A. Richens
2 pages
Instructions to Authors
1 page
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