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Journal of The Hong Kong Medical Association 香港醫學會醫刊
Vol. 37 No. 4 (1985 Dec)
Instructions to Authors
1 page
List of Office-Bearers (1985-86)
1 page
untitled pages
Tackling End-stage Renal Failure
M.K. Chan
1 page
Review Article:
untitled pages
Anthony Cheung,Naresh Goyal
5 pages
Clinical Research:
untitled pages
Combined Report on Dialysis Treatment and Renal Transplantation in Hong Kong (1984)
Wong Kwok-kee,Ho Chung-ping
4 pages
The Weaning Diet of Hong Kong Children
A.M.C. Li,F.M. Baber,A.M.C. Yu,V.S. Leung
9 pages
Infant Feeding Practices amongst the Kwun Tong Mothers
A.M.C. Li,F.M. Baber,A.M.C. Yu
4 pages
Lupus Anticoagulant among Chinese Patients in Hong Kong
K.H. Chan,R.W.S. Wong,K.L. Wong
2 pages
The Use of Tegaderm* Transparent Dressing in the Outpatient Management of Partial Thickness Burns
Y.L. Kwong,C.H. Chung
3 pages
Case Report:
untitled pages
Scrub Typhus at the Chinese University of Hong Kong
G.L. French,J. Vallance-Owen,M.L. Woo
2 pages
Medical Practice:
untitled pages
The Transsphenoidal Approach to the Pituitary Fossa
J.R. South,C. Poon
2 pages
Practical Problems in Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics : III
untitled pages
Drug Prophylaxis of Malaria
C.R. Kumana,P.J. Preston,Keith Arnold
4 pages
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