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Journal of The Hong Kong Medical Association 香港醫學會醫刊
Vol. 45 No. 2 (1993 Jun)
untitled pages
Transplantation - more still needs to be done
Ignatius K.P. Cheng
2 pages
Seminar in Transplanation
untitled pages
The HLA system and transplantation matching in the 1990's
Brian R. Hawkins
10 pages
Cadaveric organ donation in Hong Kong
S.F. Lui,P.S.F. Chan,I.K.P. Cheng And K.N. Lai
5 pages
Corneal transplantation in a regional hospital
Patrick C.P. Ho,Dennis S.C. Lam,Joan S.K. Ng,Jimmy S.M. Lai,Gordon K.O. Chau,Sonal K. Farzavandi,N. Chen,and S.K. Kwok
4 pages
Bone marrow transplantation in Hong Kong: the Queen Mary Hospital experience
Edmond K.W. Chiu,Raymond Liang,Albert Lie,and T.K. Chan
9 pages
Bone marrow transplantation for thalassaemia major in Hong Kong
Anselm C.W. Lee,Y.L. Lau,C.F. Chan,Edmond Chiu,Raymond Liang,T.K. Chan And C.Y. Yeung
5 pages
Autologous bone marrow transplantation - a review
L.B. To And Christopher A. Juttner
7 pages
Bone marrow transplantation using unrelated donors
Raymond Liang,Edmond Chiu,T.K. Chan,B.R. Hawkins,Albert Lie And David Todd
5 pages
Renal transplantation: recent advances and local issues
I.K.P. Cheng,P.C. Tam,K.K. Ho And T.M. Chan
8 pages
Bone and cartilage transplant
John C.Y. Leong
6 pages
Liver transplantation at Prince of Wales Hospital in Hong Kong
Jonathan K. Ho,W.Y. Lau,Kelvin Liu,A.K.C. Li,Nancy Leung,Thomas Leung,Tom Buckley,Amy Cho,P.T. Chui And Teik Oh
7 pages
Liver transplantation in children
S.T. Fan And H. Saing
4 pages
Perspectives in cardiac transplantation
C.K. Mok,T.M. Tse,K.H. Fu,Y.T. Tai And S.P. Wong
6 pages
Lung transplantation
Mary Ip And C.K. Mok
8 pages
Pancreatic transplantation
Karen S.L. Lam And P.R. Gertsch
3 pages
Neural tissue transplantation
K.F. So,C.M. Chang,Y.L. Yu And C.F. Fung
5 pages
Skin transplant
C.M. Ho,Y.M. Yeu,William Ignace Wei And K.Y. Yuen
6 pages
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