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Journal of The Hong Kong Medical Association 香港醫學會醫刊
Vol. 46 No. 4 (1994 Dec)
Message from the Editorial Board
Y.L. Yu
1 page
untitled pages
Reconstructive surgery: today and tomorrow
William I. Wei
1 page
Reconstructive surgery for burn patients
C.M. Ho,L.K. Lam And William I.Wei
6 pages
Microvascular free flaps for reconstruction
W.Y. Ip And S.P. Chow
5 pages
Female-to-male transsexual surgery-the state of the art
W.C. Yuen
6 pages
Cleft lip and palate management
M.K. Tung,C.K. Yau,David W.C. Lau,C.L. Kwok,Anthony S.Y. Mok And Wilkie W.K. Lui
8 pages
Reconstructive surgery after limb trauma
W.C. Wu And Y.P. Chang
7 pages
Reconstruction after craniofacial trauma
L.K. Lam,C.M. Ho,P.W. Yuen And William I. Wei
6 pages
Original Articles
untitled pages
The prevalence of Helicobacter pylori carrier rates among the healthy blood donors in Hong Kong
C.K. Ching,S.T. Yuen,I.S.C. Luk,J. Ho And S.K. Lam
4 pages
Helicobacter pylori and perforated peptic ulcer
Edward C.H. Chung
3 pages
Jin Bu Huan Anodyne Tablets,a mislabelled and misclassified medicine
Paul P.H. But And K.L. Choi
4 pages
TORCH screening: time for abolition?
W.L. Lim And D.A. Wong
4 pages
Coronary heart disease and dyslipidaemia in Hong Kong: a survey of the knowledge and opinions of medical practitioners
S.P. Wong,C.S. Cockram,E.D. Janus,W.T.K. Lee,W.H. Leung,J.R.L. Masarei,Y.T. Tai And B. Tomlinson
11 pages
Early experience in ileal neobladder reconstruction
T.F. Yiu And A.Y.T. Chan
4 pages
Case Reports
untitled pages
Crohn's disease - a condition often misdiagnosed
M.L. Szeto
3 pages
Urethral foreign body causing urethral fistula in a 13-year-old boy - a case report
M.K. Chu,K.F. Lee And A.K. AhChong
3 pages
Review Article
untitled pages
Gender preselection
W.W.K. To And Y.F. Chan
6 pages
2 pages
Author Index
2 pages
Title Index
2 pages
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